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    Dr Mike Jones sits down with Crux Investor and talks Monetising Portfolio & Thinking Outside the Box  

Managing Director of Impact Minerals, Dr Mike Jones has yet, another hard hitting interview and discussion with Matthew Gordon from Crux who are known for their penetrating questions! 

An overview of Impact's current strategy and in particular, somethings to watch out for going forward!  

    Canowindra News 19.8.20 – Test drilling fast-tracked  
    Cowra Guardian 18.8.20 – Test drilling at Orange gold site fast-tracked  
    Central Western Daily (Orange), 12.8.20 – Test drilling at gold site will start soon  
    Central Western Daily, Orange 30.7.20 – Silver Lining for Mine Work  
    Barrier Daily Truth (Broken Hill) 25.7.20 – Hunt for previous metal  
    Daily Liberal Dubbo, 3.7.20 – Drilling for gold to start  
    Central Western Daily, Orange 30.6.20 – Gold drilling to start soon  
    Australian Mining Review, National 1.6.20 – Platinum Shines Bright  
    Mudgee Guardian, 1.5.20 – Indicators for gold, copper near region  
    Daily Liberal, Dubbo 29.4.20 – Hopes Rise with Gold Possible  
    Central Western Daily, Orange 28.4.20 – As Good as Gold  
    Australian Mining Review, National 1.3.20 – Palladium price prompts probes  
    Cowra Guardian 24.1.20 – Golden Prospects for Mining  
    Temora Independent 21.1.20 – Gold and Copper Exploration Underway  
    Central Western Daily (Orange) 21.2.20 – Golden Prospect  
    Western Advocate (Bathurst) 21.1.20 – Golden Prospects for Mine  
    Shift Miner, Rockhampton 11.11.19 – Gold in them thar hills  
    Daily Mercury (Mackay) 10.10.19 – Golden Era of Prosperity  
    Daily Mercury (Mackay) 21.9.19 – Mining town’s new golden opportunity  
    Central Queensland News (Emerald) 27.9.19 – Gold Samples Discovered  
    Daily Mercury (Mackay) 9.7.19 Clermont results due back soon  
    Daily Mercury (Mackay) 21.6.19 – Strike Potential Tested  
    Exploration Breakthrough – Billions of dollars worth of gold could be hidden below surface  
    Barrier Daily Truth (Broken Hill) 4.2.19 – Explorers’ Delight  
    Daily Mercury (Mackay) 25.10.18 – Clermont gold shows promise  
    Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) 4.10.18 – Impact takes first gold sample  
    Daily Mercury (Mackay) 4.10.18 – Exploration ramps up at Clermont  
    Daily Mercury (Mackay) 4.9.18 – Gold mine purchased  
    Townsville Bulletin 4.9.18 – Gold hunt at Clermont site  
    Business News (WA) 30.7.18 – Impact agrees to $6m JV  
    Resources Roadhouse, August 2018 – Conglomerate Gold Search Moves to Queensland  
    Rockhampton Morning Bulletin, 19.7.18 – Drilling underway at prolific Clermont gold project  
    Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) 1.6.18 – Ancient nuggets buried 70m deep  
    Queensland Country Life, 17.5.18 – Gold in them thar Clermont Hills: survey  
    Australian Mining Review 1.3.18 – Exploration impact at Silica Hill  
    The Australian 7.11.17 A Pilbara Gold Rush Guide  
    Resources Roadhouse Oct2017 – Impact Minerals Joins Pilbara Gold Rush  
    North West Telegraph, South Hedland 8.11.17  
    Pilbara News 8.11.17 – Explorers in early gold rush  
    Proactive Investors 23.10.17 Dr Mike Jones details technical review of Pilbara conglomerate-hosted gold in Proactive Q&A Sessions  
    Mining News 4.8.17 – Equities end week on positive note  
    Resources Roadhouse July 2017 – Major drill campaign for Impact’s Commonwealth Project  
    Barrier Daily Truth, Broken Hill 6.3.17 – Explorers eye Cobalt  
    The Resource Investment Note, 121 Group – Impact Ready for More Drilling Success in 2017  
    Australian Mining, National 1.2.17 Eureka! Striking Gold in Australia  
    Wellington Times 14.12.16 – Miner’s aim could be town’s gain  
    Paydirt 1.11.16 – Impact Steps Up Unicorn Hunt  
    Paydirt 1.10.16 – Nickel still having an Impact  
    Wellington Times 19.10.16 – Miner to boost its hunt for gold  
    ABC Radio Interview with Dr Mike Jones  
    Resource Roadhouse 2.9.16 – Impact Minerals hits Bonanza Silver Grades at Silica Hill  
    Mining Journal 22.8.16 – High Gold Grades make Impact  
    Australian Resources 23.8.16 – Impact Minerals intersects a 50 m thick zone of sulphide mineralisation at Silica Hill  
    Mining Journal August 2016 – High Gold Grades Make Impact  
    Mining Hive 15.8.16 – Impact Minerals claims new silver discovery at Silica Hill  
    Resource Roadhouse, August 2016 – On the verge of making an Impact at Silica Hill  
    Western Advocate, Bathurst 28.6.16 – Wellington Mine’s Impressive Finds  
    Daily Liberal, Dubbo 27.6.16 – Wellington Treasures  
    Kalgoorlie Miner 23.6.16 – Impact to resume gold, nickel hunt  
    Resources Roadhouse 15.6.16 – Impact Minerals Well-Funded to Expand Commonwealth Gold Project  
    Wellington Times 8.6.16 – Prospects Good for New Mine  
    Paydirt 1.6.16 – Drilling set to make an Impact  
    Livewire 7.6.16 – Impact Minerals’ History Stymies Quality Appeal  
    ABC News 7.6.16 – Miners Hoping Next Boom has Begun  
    The Australian 1.6.16 – Spec. Buy  
    Resource Roadhouse May 2016 – Impact likes jam in the doughnut  
    Wellington Times 11.5.16 – Exploration proves positive gold finds  
    Daily Liberal, Dubbo 7.5.16 – Gold Found  
    Resources Roadhouse 5.4.16 – Impact Minerals identifies New Depth and New Targets at Commonwealth  
    Wellington Times 6.4.16 – New Mine in Region Promises Good Results  
    Daily Liberal (Dubbo) Newspaper 5.4.16 – Drilling for Gold  
    Barrier Daily Truth – 1.4.16 – Exploration has Potential  
    Resource Roadhouse 3.2.16 – Impact encounters high grades of everything at Platinum Springs  
    Mining News 3.2.16 – Another Hit with Impact Drilling  
    The Australian 11.12.15 – Twiggy makes an impact on junior miner  
    Barrier Daily Truth 9.12.15 – Hills Hope  
    Kalgoorlie Miner 26.11.15 – Impact survey to form basis of Mulga Tank drill program  
    Australian Mining 11.11.15 – Strong EM Conductor found at Platinum Springs Prospect  
    Barrier Daily Truth 5.11.15 – Red Hill metals find  
    Resource Roadhouse 2.11.15 – Impact Minerals continues run of good news from Red Hill  
    Paydirt 1.11.15 – Active Impact reaps rewards  
    Impact Minerals – Southern Cross News 29 October 2015  
    Resources Roadhouse 26.10.15 – Impact Minerals Records Further Big PGM Numbers at Broken Hill  
    Mining News 23.10.15 – Stunning Hole at Broken Hill  
    The Australian 6.10.15  
    West Australian 6.10.15 – Big Impact  
    Barrier Daily Truth 6.10.15 – Impact Strikes Nickel, Copper  
    Paydirt 1.10.15 – Forrest’s Squad Makes Cash Impact  
    Herald Sun Melbourne 16.9.15 – Making an Impact with Three Good Projects  
    The West Australian 15.9.15 – Impact Boasts $9.3 m War Chest  
    Impact Featured on the Southern Cross News Network  
    Resource Roadhouse, May 2015 – Impact Builds Confidence on High Grade Exploration Success  
    Asia Miner 19.4.15 -PGMs – High Grades Assayed at Red Hill  
    Mining Chronicle 1.4.15 – Aspirations Now Fully Recognised  
    Barrier Daily Truth 2.4.15 – Impact to Resume Drilling Campaign  
    Resource Stocks March 2015 – Three-Pronged Strategy Pays Off  
    Mining News 19/02/2015 – Maiden Resource for Impact  
    Barrier Daily Truth 7/1/2015 – High Hopes for Red Hill