The Commonwealth Project

Impact Minerals acquired the Commonwealth Project in June 2013 and believe it is one of the most promising sites we have explored in the past decade. In 2016 Impact Minerals made a breakthrough discovery of high grade gold and very high grade silver at the Silica Hill Prospect, which is part of the project. Following this discovery, the decision was made to triple the landholding around the project by applying for three new exploration licenses. Click here (link to press release about new licences) to read more about the increased explorations at the project.

The Commonwealth Project was originally mined in the early 1900’s but Impact Minerals has shifted its focus to an area called Silica Hill where we have concentrated our exploration. Certain areas along the eastern and western side of the Molong belt were always deemed to be unprospective. However, through good detective work and using geological thinking and field work, we have proven that this area has tremendous potential for significant mineral discoveries.

The next phase of drilling at Commonwealth will begin in mid 2017. Impact Minerals hopes the project will be mine ready in a few years time and is excited about the economic boost it could bring to the locality. Click here Commonwealth Project for further information on the Commonwealth Project.

March 2017 Quarterly Report

December 2016 Quarterly Report