Appendix 2A

676_290520 Appendix 2A

Significant Porphyry Copper Gold Targets confirmed near the Boda Discovery at the Commonwealth Project

671_230420 Significant Porphyry Copper Gold Targets at Commonwealth

Appendix 2A

661_260220 Appendix 2A

Impact to focus Broken Hill exploration on Palladium-Platinum and other PGM’s: Signs Non-Binding MOU to market other metal rights

660_240220 Impact signs MOU for Broken Hill

Impact Raises $2.1 Million as Record Palladium Prices Elevate Broken Hill Project for Drilling

656_200220 Impact Raises $2.1 Million

Exploration Ramp-up for High Grade Palladium, Platinum and Porphyry Copper-Gold in Key New South Wales Areas

653_140220 Exploration Ramp Up in NSW

Four Priority Prospects for Porphyry-Copper Gold Targets identified at Commonwealth Project

652_140120 Four Priority Prospects at Commonwealth

New Porphyry-Copper Gold Targets at the Commonwealth Project near the Boda-Kaiser Discovery in the Lachlan Fold Belt

650_221119 Porphyry Copper Potential near Boda Kaiser

Appendix 3B

Appendix 3Y

648_111119 Appendix 3Y x 4

Appendix 3B

647_081119 Appendix 3B

Appendix 3Y

637_011019 Appendix 3Y x 4

Large scale potential confirmed at Blackridge gold project, Clermont Queensland

636_180919 Large Scale Potential Confirmed at Blackridge

Trading Halt

Appendix 4G

635_120919 Appendix 4G

Second phase of bulk sampling to commence this week at the Blackridge Gold Project, Clermont Queensland

626_180619 Phase II of Bulk Sampling at Blackridge

Two Kilometre Long Target for High Grade Gold-Silver-Base Metal Mineralisation identified at Clermont Gold Project, Queensland

622_010419 High Grade Gold Silver Mineralisation identified at Clermont

New Geodynamic Framework for Ni-Cu-PGE and Cu-Au-Co-REE Exploration at the Broken Hill Project, NSW

620_060319 Exploration Update Broken Hill

Appendix 3Y x 4

Appendix 3B

Form 603

612_051118 Form 603

Notice of Initial Substantial Holder

Appendix 3Y’s Late Lodgement Notice

Previous Production Data and Bulk Sample Results Confirm Large Scale Potential at the Blackridge Gold Project Queensland

608_231018 Large Scale Potential at Blackridge Final608_231018 Large Scale Potential confirmed at Blackridge

Expiry of Unlisted Options

Large Scale Potential at Blackridge Gold Project

Trial Bulk Sampling Programme Completed at Blackridge Conglomerate-Hosted Gold Project Queensland

604_031018 First pass bulk sampling at Blackridge Final

Further High Grade Mineralisation and Second Massive Sulphide Unit Confirmed at Commonwealth

598_180918 High Grade drill results from Commonwealth

Purchase of Mining Lease at the Blackridge Conglomerate-Hosted Gold Project Queensland

596_310818 Purchase of Mining Lease Blackridge Project QLD

Exploration Update: Drilling underway at Mulga Tank Nickel-Gold Project, WA

595_270818 Exploration Update Drilling Underway at Mulga Tank

Completion of Sale of Pilbara Gold Project to Pacton Gold Inc

594_160818 Completion of Sale of Pilbara gold assets to Pacton Gold Inc

Multiple Intersections of Massive, Semi-Massive and Vein Sulphide intersected at Commonwealth

592_060818 Massive sulphide mineralisation intersected at Commonwealth

Clarification to ASX Release of 18 July 2018

Change in Substantial Holding

CAD$5.5 Million Joint Venture with TSX:V listed Bluebird Battery Metals Inc on Impact’s Broken Hill Project

587_110718 CAD$5.5 Million Joint Venture on Broken Hill Project

Change in Substantial Holding

Reinstatement to Official Quotation

Extension of Voluntary Suspension

Trading Halt

Exploration Update: Clermont Gold Project, Qld and Commonwealth Project, NSW

582_150518 Exploration Update Clermont and Commonwealth

Half Yearly Report and Accounts

High Grade Gold and Highest Grade Silver Intersected at Silica Hill, Commonwealth Project

577_130218 Highest grade silver intersected at Silica Hill

Change in Substantial Holding

Appendix 3B

572_090218 Appendix 3B

Cleansing Statement

Cleansing Statement

Appendix 3B

Significant Extensions to Mineralisation at Silica Hill, Commonwealth Project, NSW

565_121217 Significant extensions to mineralisation at Silica Hill

Gold-Bearing Conglomerates Identified by Previous Explorers on Impact’s Pilbara Gold Project (Updated)

562_011217 Amended Gold bearing conglomerates identified by previous explorers

Results of Annual General Meeting

Gold-Bearing Conglomerates Identified by Previous Explorers on Impact’s Pilbara Gold Project

558_271117 Gold bearing conglomerates identified by previous explorers

Trading Halt

Further High Grade Results at Silica Hill

545_210917 Further high grade results at Silica Hill Amended545_210917 Further high grade results at Silica Hill

Amended Announcement

Further High Grade Results at Silica Hill

Appendix 3B – Issue of Shortfall Securities

Appendix 3B

Amended Announcement

Trading Halt

Amended Announcement

Drill Programme Extended as High Grade Silver Results add to Gold Assays at the Silica Hill Prospect

532_150817 High grade assays lead to drill programme expansion

Thick Widths of Visible Silver and Base Metal Veins in First Two Diamond Drill Holes at Silica Hill

531_040817 Thick Widths of High Grade Precious and Base Metal Veins

Best Gold Results To Date at the Silica Hill Prospect, Commonwealth Project NSW

529_200717 Best Gold results to Date at Silica Hill

Appendix 3Y

528_260617 Appendix 3Ys

Appendix 3Y x 2

Change in Substantial Holding

Change in Substantial Holding from Squadron

Results of General Meeting

Two new 5km trends identified as prospective for high grade gold-silver at Commonwealth

519_310517 Further potential for gold-silver at Commonwealth

Statutory Approvals received for drill programme at Commonwealth, NSW

518_300517 Approvals Recieved for Drilling at Silica Hill

Priority Drill Targets for Massive Sulphide at Main Shaft North Commonwealth

517_250517 Main Shaft North Drill Targets Commonwealth Project

Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form

Appendix 3B

Lodgement of Prospectus

Trading Halt

Exploration Update: Commonwealth Gold-Silver Project, New South Wales

506_210417 Commonwealth drill programme and new gold prospect

The Cobalt Potential of the Broken Hill Project

Drilling Commences at the Silica Hill Gold-Silver Discovery near Orange, NSW


Appendix 3Y x 4

Expiry of Unlisted Options

Amended Announcement

Drilling to be Fast Tracked at High Grade Gold Silver Discovery near Orange – Early December Start


Early December Follow Up Drilling at Silica Hihll

Results of Annual General Meeting

Impact Triples Landholding around the Commonwealth Project in the Lachlan Fold Belt, NSW


Appendix 4G


Appendix 4G-IPT.AX

70 metre thick zone of mineralisation in third discovery at Silica Hill

482_310816 70m thick zone of mineralisation in 3rd Hole at Silica Hill

50 Metre Thick Zone of Mineralisation in Second Discovery Hole at Silica Hill

480_190816 50m thick zone of mineralisation in 2nd Hole at Silica Hill

75 metre thick zone of Gold-Silver-Base Metal Mineralisation Discovered at Silica Hill

479_080816 75m thick zone of mineralisation at Silica Hill

Cleansing Notice – Placement Shares-IPT.AX

Exploration Update and Placement-IPT.AX

Appendix 3Y's Late Lodgement Notice-IPT.AX

Drilling to commence next week at Commonwealth, Finalist NSW Explorer of the Year

465_030516 Drilling to Start Finalist NSW Explorer of Year

New Gold Targets identified at the Welcome Jack Prospect, Commonwealth Project, NSW

464_260416 New IP and Soil Geochemistry Targets Welcome Jack

Trading Halt-IPT.AX

Impact Steps Up Exploration in New South Wales

Interview by Proactive Investors TV

Appendix 3Z Appendix 3X

22% Zinc Among Further High Grade Zinc-Silver-Lead at Red Hill-Dora East at Broken Hill

450_190216 High Grade Zinc-Silver

Very High Grade PGM-Copper-Nickel in Massive Nickel Copper Sulphide at Platinum Springs

449_030216 High Grade Assays from Platinum Springs

Very High Grade Assays from Platinum Springs

Drilling Starts at Platinum Springs

Strong EM Conductor Identified at the Platinum Springs Prospect, Broken Hill

443_111115 Strong EM anomaly at Platinum Springs

Issue of shares and options

Re-instatement to official quotation

Suspension from Official Quotation

Trading Halt

Appendix 3B

Results of 2015 Annual General Meeting

Change of Director's Interest Notice

Allotment of shortfall shares

Allotment of Rights Issue Shares

100% Take Up of $1.9 m Rights Issue Delivers up to $9.3 m of Exploration Funding

427_150915 Impact Well Funded Up To $9.3 Million

Drilling Underway at High Grade Broken Hill Platinum-Copper-Nickel Project

426_030915 Drilling Underway at Broken Hill

Impact Fires Up Exploration

Appendix 4G

Waiver Notice